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Welcome to!

The name says it all - It's the WAY to find FREE things on the INTERNET - Internet Freeway.

We have discovered so many cool things on the internet that are free, that it was time to list them on one site. We are not listing every single free thing that we find on the Net, it is simply cool free software, ringtones, music, games and more that we have used, or that others have strongly recommended we list. It used to be that a friend would say "I'll never remember that web address you just told me to get that free spyware removal software...just email the link." Find Free Things on the Internet NOW - CLICK HEREHey, we just told them where to get it and they just gave us a homework assignment :( .

So, now instead of telling anyone else "to get free spyware removal software go to and download Ad-Aware freeware, their free version" or "to get really great free photos that are available to web designers or anyone else go to" we just tell our friends "Just go to You will find great free internet stuff there."

Our site is not all comprehensive, meaning you won't find everything that is FREE on the Internet here. Though you will find quality FREE sites, or sites that offer FREE things. Our mission is to provide a few simple quality resources for you, and not overwelm you with thousands. An analogy would be Wal-Mart versus Sam's Club (both stores are owned by Wal-Mart). While Wal-Mart offers thousands of product choices, Sam's Club may only offer a few quality choices. An example would be if you wanted to buy a digital camera. Wal-Mart might have ten digital cameras to choose from, while Sam's Club may only have three or four to chose from, but all would be good quality cameras. Sam's can make for a good simple shopping experience. We are like that...simple with quality selections. You are free to suggest sites to be included, though we make no guarantees about including them.

Thank you for visiting!
Internet Freeway™ - It's the WAY to find FREE things on the INTERNET


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